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Some Brief Weddings Notes, 10 April 2016

Much has happened in the eighteen months since I last looked at the New York Times Weddings Section in any depth. For one, I’m not presently living in New York, although I miss it dearly and often. But sometimes, you need to … Continue reading

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Marriages that Mattered, 5 October 2014

Listen to this while reading. There’s a lot to love about my favourite featured story in this week’s New York Times Weddings section. The bride went to a private school in Los Angeles. She followed this with film studies at Columbia. This … Continue reading

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Brief Weddings Update, 21 September 2014

Some people tied the knot this weekend. I like the couple here best. The bride, 63, was a widow. She “made it a point that [she] was going to avoid all contact with lawyers if possible, both professionally and personally, … Continue reading

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New York State of Nostalgia

It’s a confusing time to be a chap in his 30s in this city. We can’t really run, bare-chested, through Central Park at the moment, depriving us of some major physical release. Doing so in these temperatures would mean freezing … Continue reading

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Vowing the Right Way – The Weddings Sections of 1 and 8 December, 2013

Listen to Pitbull singing International Love when reading this week’s Weddings post. Please. Or listen to something else, or nothing at all. Nelson Mandela, whom I’ve admired greatly for about as long as I can remember, died last week. This … Continue reading

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How I Read When I Read the Weddings Section

This week’s soundtrack is here. Assiduous readers (yes, all three of you) may have noticed that last week didn’t feature a weddings update. There will be a fuller summary in normal vein for the 1 December section, but I hate … Continue reading

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More Weddings, Apparently – New York Times Vows, 17 November 2013

I suggest that you read this week’s more subdued Weddings post with this as a soundtrack. I’ll explain why at the end. Lady Gaga put in a surprisingly good performance as performer and host of Saturday Night Live this past … Continue reading

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