Brief Weddings Update, 21 September 2014

Ali MacGraw + LOVE STORY + cream coat 4 Some people tied the knot this weekend. I like the couple here best. The bride, 63, was a widow. She “made it a point that [she] was going to avoid all contact with lawyers if possible, both professionally and personally, based on previous experience.” I love seeing people who aren’t in relationships but who have adamant rules about what works for them see those rules broken into a million little pieces. This isn’t misanthropic, but self-preserving. When a chap is on no-one’s list of an ideal mate, it’s about all you can do to hope that the list is somehow wrong for someone. Mrs. Suzuki learned, to her benefit, that even lawyers can be “very loving”, “very caring”, and “the best kisser”.

Late Summer/early Fall always features some people who are likely to be very powerful (and produce powerful spawn) in coming years. Like this couple, which features a bride who graduated from Brown, has an MBA from Harvard, a father who runs Wachtell, and who now works at Goldman Sachs. (How many prestige ticks is it possible for one person to have? However many it is, I think she has all of them.) Her husband’s no slouch either – he works in private equity after an MBA at Wharton. There’s the private banker who married a tax lawyer. Between them they’ll be able to handle all of your avoidance of, and ultimate contributions to, the government. And Google marries Facebook here. Is anyone else slightly worried by the possibility that between them, this couple can both see all of your selfies and show other people how to search for them? Isn’t there some kind of antitrust violation at play here?

Second favourite couple for the week, though, goes to Mitchell Reich and Patrick Pearsall (and not just because I’m a step of separation away from one of the grooms). Mainly the distinction arises because I’m a big fan of Kagan weddings of all hues. Note, for example, that this is by no means an unconventional match for the junior-most justice; at 34 to 27 this is far from the biggest age gap in a wedding over which Justice Kagan has presided in the past few years. I also like this couple for the facts that they’ve covered Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, that there’s going to be a bit of a name change (still unusual for same-sex weddings in the Times), and because they’re both lawyers. (Again, the Times hasn’t had all that many same-sex lawyer marriages featured since the recent spate of legalizations.) Hopefully because of – or perhaps despite – their joint profession, they’re both very caring and very loving. I also hope that they don’t give up on the third attribute of good coupling just because his wife has declared that Stafford Duff Ritchie II is the best going. They might not be the best, but lawyers can be good kissers, too.

Fall’s a romantic time of year, particularly when the heating bills start going up. I hope that all three of my readers won’t waste the coming weekend afternoons, filled as they will be with fetching pullovers and crunchy leaves.

Happy weddings everyone.

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